The Land of Plenty Kitchen Menu

Plenty Little

Housemade Dips of the Day, Charcoal Grilled Flatbread $14

Kale and Sweet Potato Fritters (ve) $12

‘Chicken Fried’ Cauliflower (ve) $12

LoP ‘Democracy Sausage’ $7

Skewers of the Day (gf) $7.50

Beef Slider $5

Vegan Slider $5

BBQ Chicken Wings(6) (gf) $12

Charcoal Corn with Finger Lime Butter (ve)(gf) $12

Plenty Big

Charcoal Chicken (Leg Quarter) $11

Housemade Brisket Pastrami (gf) 100g $11

Redgum Smoked Lamb Rump 300g (gf) $36

Reverse Seared Smoked Porterhouse (gf) $12/100g

Honey soy sticky BBQ pork belly (gf) $2.10/100g sale $12/100g

BBQ Yabbies(gf) $29

Applewood Smoked Pumpkin Chilli Beans, ‘Myrtle and Mac’ Gremolata (ve)(gf) $26

Pepperberry and Native Mint Marinated Cauliflower Steak (ve)(gf) $14

Charcoal Grilled Veg Salad, Cashew Feta (ve) $19

A Bit On The Side

“Salt and Vinegar” Chips (ve)(gf) $10

Chilli Salt Chats (ve)(gf) $10

Tatey’ Salad (gf) $11

Heirloom Tomato Caprese, Vegan Mozzarella (ve)(gf) $12

“Puddy Lane” Garden salad of the day $10

Grilled baby cos hearts, lemon myrtle dressing $12

“The bread basket” $8

Plenty Sweet

Milo damper with housemade, boozy Cherry Ripe ice cream $14

Wattleseed panna cotta, Kakadu plum and Muntrie jam $14

House made ice cream/Sorbet of the day $12

Come for a Barbie at Ours?

Let us know how many hungry buggers you’ve got on your table and we’ll sort you out with all the best bits.

Just give us a hoy if there’s anything you can’t eat!